By Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor,
We value all our business relationships with customers. We have especially enjoyed supplying your paper needs for the last five years. You understand, then, why we are concerned that you have not placed an order for the last six months. If we have offended you in any way, we sincerely apologize and want to regain your good will. We would appreciate knowing how to serve you better.
We have enclosed brochures of our new fall products. Since we have served you for such a long time, we can offer you prices that compare favorably with the prices on your previous contract. We are confident that both our new and standard products can meet your needs in every way. We hope to hear from you.

By Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor,
Last year was a great year for us. Why? Because we had the privilege of filling several large orders for you. We have not heard from you for several months, so it seems that you have forgotten us. Did we do something to offend you? Or have you been so busy that you inadvertently overlooked your need to reorder?
Providing excellent service to our customers is very important to us. Since we would hate to lose you as one of our most outstanding customers, reestablishing our rewarding business relationship is top priority. Is there a time that I might meet with you to discuss your concerns? Please call me at 555-5555, and I will find a time that is convenient for you.
Were you aware that last year several of our products won awards for quality and affordability? And that we have a new line of cleaning products that is environmentally friendly, yet powerful? Please take a moment to reconsider whether you want to miss out on the quality products we can provide at such a nominal cost.

By Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor,
Over the years you have been a loyal Doe customer, and we have enjoyed meeting your office-supply needs. However, we have not received an order from you in over three months, and we are concerned. Is there any way we can improve our service to you? We are aware that during the trucking strike, many of our customers could not get their orders filled quickly. Since then we have taken steps to ensure that every Doe customer receives prompt, reliable service. Will you please let me know if we can do anything to win you back? I have enclosed a copy of our new fall catalog. Call me personally at 555-5555 if I can help.

以下模板由阴阳鱼起草。欢迎交流 .
Dear xxx,
Very glad to know from your web site, that you are the leading wholesaler of plastic products with most prestigious quality.
To be even more successful, you might look for a very capable & reliable producing supplier. XXX is a good one for you to rely on. We have passed ISO9001 since 2005, and our products has CE certificate.
Our satisfied customers include Dupont, Demag, Weland, Cas, Aliplast. I am very confident that when you work with us, you will have the same satisfaction.
Can you do me a favor? What we should do to apply for & become your new vendor?

Best regards,

Dear John,

Good morning!

I just visited your web site, and know that you are the leading wholesaler in Poland for fashionable gloves, with prestigious reputation for the quality.

You may be happy to find a new reilaible source of gloves with superior quality & Reasonable prices. You can select from an abundant variety of premium quality Jeans with stylish originaldesigns updated every 6 monthes.

Our factory has a capacity of XXXX gloves monthly, probably the largest in China. Since 2009, we have passed ISO9001, and all our products has CE certificate. I attach the certificate images in the next email,please find them.

Our satisfied customers include XXX, XXX & XXX. I am confident that when you work with us, you will have the same satisfaction like them.

To enable you to get a good understanding of our quality and service, we would like to extend a very special offer for your first sample order, with 15% (only limited to the first container).
In the next email, I will attach you the product catalogs. Please tell me what items are more salable for you.

Best regards,
PS: We are also very capable to custom make for you. Please just tell me the styles you select.

Dear XXX,

Good morning!

I am very glad to know you from your professional website, you are the leading company in Japan for machine vision system. I also notice that you pay much attention to lower your cost for quality machine vision system. That is where I can be of help.

May I introduce myself to you? I am XXX, from XXXX. We have been in machine vision system industry for more than XXX years. I am confident that we are capable to meet your quality standard, while cutting your cost by at least 10%. Please be sure, we are also very capable to custom produce with your drawings.

To enable you to evaluate our quality, may I invite you to visit our factory?(或者:may I send you a sample?)

Best regards,

Re: a reliable veteran Tyre supplier with 20 years professional experience

Dear XXX,

A good supplier will save you money and be free from trouble. Quality means a lot for a tyre wholesaler like you. To be safe from customer complaints, you may need a very reliable supplier to count on. We are a right one for you.

XXX has already 20 years professional experience in XXX tyre, & XXX tyre. Our factory passed XXXX. Customers like XXXX & XXXX are very satisfied with our tyres for many years.

To let you have more ideas about our tyres, in a separate email, I will send you our testing report by SGS.

We would very much welcome your enquiry, surely you will get our best price.

Best regards,

Re: Lower your cost for baskets purchase by 20% more

Dear XXX,

Good morning!

I am very proud to find some baskets on your website are produced by us. (先建立同客户的关联感)Attached please find some pictures. (证明可信度)

You may save much cost by ordering directly from a manufacturing supplier like us. (给客户的好处)When you make such decision, we would be pleased to offer you our hand for your first time importation, which is rather easy. (打消客户的顾虑)

We have just released abundant new styles of Gift basket/Camping basket/Picnic basket, do you want to have a look at the new designs?

Best regards,

Re: New Energy Saving Iron( 或者其他)

Dear Smith,

Leading companies such as XXXX, now use XXX as their reliable supplier for XXX products.
For a cost equating to XXX, your customers will be able to save energy cost by %.

The remarkable XXXX Iron uses (工艺) to:
 同客户相关的成果1
 同客户相关的成果2
 同客户相关的成果3

To test XXX’s effectiveness, you can arrange a free no-obligation trial now, by just replying this email. We will reply you immediately to arrange it.

Best regards,

Re: Saving your purchasing cost for quality XXXX

Dear John,

When you next consider your arrangements for XXX products, I would welcome the opportunity to understand your requirements and situation.

Our customer include (XXX,XXX), who have found our XXX is superior in quality while saving them % cost from working with us.

I will send you more detailed information regarding this product in another email. When you receive it, can you please email me your requirement for this product?

Best regards,


1) 不断开发适合市场需要的新品,推荐给客户,如果新品被选中,则可以顺利建立关系
2) 考察客户网站,看看客户的用户对于现有产品的反馈和投诉,试图解决这些不被现有供应商重视或者解决不了的问题,这些应该是客户很关注的;
3) 考察客户销量比较大的款式的产品,研究看是否有方法可以在保证质量的情况下,大幅度降低成本,通过价格吸引客户。





Hi John,

Good morning!
We are a candidate vendor for XXX company, currently we are serving XXXX,XXXX customers (先给2个大客户的名字,最好是同目标客户时同类的。). We have passed ISO9001, and our products has passed UPC certificate. We are very confident that you can rely on us as a capable vendor.

I am writing to introduce a new product to you. This product is targeting 20-29 years’ lady. The sales in XXX market have proven to be very successful. Within only 2 months, the sales have reached 100000 units. I noticed from your web site, that 20-29 years’ lady is one of your major clientele, so introduction of product XXX should be a big sales hit for you.

BTW, we have the samples ready. Do you want to evaluate this new product XXXX?

Best regards,



RE: Hi John,

Good morning!

I just visited your web site, and studied your customers’ feedback on your product XXXX. It sounds that your customers (390 customers remarked online) are demanding to: XXXXX 陈述一下客户潜在的问题。

We have successfully helped 20 customers solved this problem. XXXXX(描述一下细节,给点具体的信息。不要太详细,留个伏笔,下次再联系他)

Very briefly about ABC Company, we have abundant experience serving XXXX,XXXX customers (先给2个大客户的名字,最好是同目标客户时同类的。). We have passed ISO9001, and our products has passed UPC certificate. We are very confident that you can rely on us as a capable vendor.

May you give me a chance to present you more information on this? I will be glad to send you more detailed information upon your consent.

Best regards,


Hi John,

Good morning!

We are a candidate vendor for XXX company, currently we are serving XXXX,XXXX customers (先给2个大客户的名字,最好是同目标客户时同类的。). I am writing to tell you, that we are able to cut your cost for XXX item by 20%, thanks to the current break-through innovation on the production process.

The reduction in cost will not in any way influence the quality. We have passed ISO9001, and our products has passed UPC certificate.

What products are you currently purchasing? May I make an offer to you based on these items for you to compare?

Best regards,


先在google里搜一下“purchase manager, buyer, general manager, merchandiser 等+ @客户网站.com”,如果能直接找到采购负责人的电话最好,如果找不到,就直接搜 ” @客户网站.com”,找到任何客户公司任何一个联系人,再像他们问采购负责人的联系方式,成功率也很高。




Re: Hi Mary, can you tell me the email of Mr. XXXX?

Dear Mary,

Hope you have a nice day today 

Can you tell me the email address of Mr. XXXX?

I would very much appreciate your help.

Best regards,



Re: Hi Mary, may I ask you for a favor?

Dear Mary,

Hope you have a nice day today 

We are a qualified supplier of XXX Company, we can help you to save at least 15% of your purchasing cost for product XXXXX.

May I ask you for a favor? Who should we contact for evaluating this further?

I would very much appreciate your help.

Best regards,



1) 这个产品是什么?为什么我要加入现有产品线?
2) 嗯,这个产品不错。这家公司资质如何?有能力保证品质和供应吗?
3) 他有能力做,价格是否有竞争力?我是否要比较一下其他的供应商?




Dear John,

I just visited your web site, and found that you are not offering XXX products to your customer yet.

The sales of XXXX product in your local market grows very fast. The sales are expected to be very hot in 2014.

May I give you a little more information regarding XXX products for your study?
Target: It targets 30-40 years old man.
Price range:
Landed cost for you:
Estimated sales for you:

BTW, we have samples ready, do you need a sample to evaluate it?

Best regards,



我们一直使用integrated marketing. 国外有研究,平均每个客户要触动8次才能合作。业务员如果觉得我发个开发信客户马上就过来同我合作了,因为我是最好的,最大的。那也未免太天真了。即便面对好的产品,客户也要有个接受过程,从感兴趣了解,到调研市场,到比对质量和价格,到拓展可能的销售渠道,等等有很多工作要做呢。那你说,如果客户现在正在采购这个产品呢?是啊,如果在采购,那他就有现成的供应商。只有在对这个供应商不满意的时候,你才有机会,往往抢别人的客户也很难。


Re: Hi Mike, will you visit the Canton Fair on April 15th, 2014?

Hi Mike,

Will you visit the coming Canton Fair? If so, will you please visit us at: booth XXXXX,

We have plenty of new products to be released then. Please follow the following link to preview the new products. www.XXX.com A % promotional discount is offered on the fair.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,





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